“….more unique approach..”

“Using the work of Oscar Wilde as an ornithology lecture is one of the more unique approaches to performance that I’ve seen….costumes are brilliant”

“A Little Glittering Jewel”

” This year’s Fringe has unearthed….a little glittering jewel…….. a show that is clever, innovative and fun… highly entertaining and a breath of fresh air… original … the costuming, staging – exquisite…”

What’s Right With It ? A Lot!

“It’s a little Brechtian, a little absurd, and very droll, so if you prefer traditional theatre this probably isn’t for you. So what’s right with it? A Lot. The concept is very clever and well executed”

A rare bird in the theatre world

“3bCreative is that rare bird in the theatre world. A flexible company with a varying cast base, that uses available, created and  unusual spaces to bring performance to a wider public”

“Unique, inclusive…. quality”

“3bCreative is out there making an impact on coast theatre with unique, inclusive, engaging, quality events in an astonishing variety of venues providing opportunities for performers , directors, various groups young and old! The attention to detail is astonishing…”

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